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I usually don't reply. I come in here to survey sentiments and check 'market rates' since I am a HR person.

But having read your post, I can't help but feel that you need some help.

1. I think that you have worked very hard and done well so far to move up from your start to where you are.

2. I felt that if you had continue to stay in the technical side and get more professional certificates, you would do better in the long run rather than go sales.

3. I suggest that you look for a technical job in a more stable company such as ST Engineering (any one will do STK, STElect, etc) or SMRT (pay not so high but stable) or SIA Engineering etc. This is because these companies are more stable and there is a progression for technical sides but slow. From there, if you can learn to lead people and earn respect then you can switch over to managerial role. If not you will struggle and worse be 'managed out' if you cannot perform.

4. I agree with some of the posters that to be in Sales - it is a matter of attitude and personality. If you cannot do cold call and require all the 'training' before you can sell. Then you cannot be in sales.

5. I don't think you should take up an administrative executive job. I do not know you as a person. I do not know if you can handle it.... but an administrative job can be replaced by someone younger and cheaper. Not a good idea.

Good luck.

Best Rgds
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