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I was in an almost similar situation as you when I was 40. I was posted to another department where I was not sure I was going to make it. From having a team to work with, I was suddenly doing everything myself. It was a lateral move, as I didn't get any pay raise. Job scope was drastically different.

But looking back, the posting sparked a chain of (good) events. Because I was not really confident I could pull it off in my new post, I started reviewing my financial situation preparing for the worse case scenario where I might have to throw in the towel. I started investing! Instead of just squirrelly away my bonuses, I started investing in shares that pay dividend to ensure I have cash flow if I had to tender my resignation. The dividends in the initial years were pitiful because the investment amount was small. But grow it did. Now I am looking at $60k dividends pa.

That was not all, I hung on to that job for 6 grueling years and in the process build up a good network of contacts and friends. Something I would not done had I not moved.

In that time, my wife and I also decided to invest in another condo for rental income. That is giving us another $40k pa of income.

And the impossible became the possible. I was brought back to my previous job after that 6 years. This time to lead the team I was working with originally. It has already been 10 years since I was posted back.

Never say never.

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hello everyone. i am 45 this year, and married with two kids. i make about $10k per month with US MNC. my wife is also working and earns about $10k per month also. recently i have been transferred to a new role under another boss. unfortunately the job scope has drifted, and it is causing me undue stress. i have spoken to my boss, but chose to ignore on it. i am having bad anxiety, and keeps waking up at 2am or 3 am midnight. I dont think it is getting better. i think i have to quit. however at my age i dont think i can get another similar industry job with this salary level. i want to ask the people out here if there's anyone of similar experience? i have paid up my HDB and a paid up new car, so i basically debt free. please help to advise me. thank you.
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