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Personally I don't think your 3.5k is particularly low for a poly grad who spent his entire career pretty much doing technical work. You can't really compare what you are getting with others who are holding managerial positions.

Truth is you really only 2 possible routes now:

1) Go back to technical engineering side
2) Continue with doing sales
3) Take up admin executive jobs

Whatever route you need to be patient, your last real job as a service engineer is only 3.2k, you can't expect employers to bump up too much unless you have some special skills. TBH I think it was a bad idea to quit the German company which pays good money on impulse just because they don't give structured training or expect you to cold call.

If you want to make big money fast, sales is the fastest way, but then you have to change your mentality. Be aggressive, thick skin, BS even if you don't really know & think on your feet and make your customers happy. Complaining & quitting just because the boss don't train your properly and want you to cold call is not the sign of a sales winnder.

If this sort of thing is not what you want, I suggest you go back to the technical side and slowly try to climb the corporate ladder, take on more projects and supervise/manage people.

Alternative is to take up generic admin based jobs in places like public sector, NGO, SMEs. But the drawback is you might need to take a pay cut temporarily.

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