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Originally Posted by ostralek View Post
If you need some resources for studying or preparing for CMFAS exam, you might want to try 100Questions at 100Questions Exam Portal - 100Questions - Your Premier Exam Portal or Examfight at ExamFight! | We make exam preparation fun!

I took my M5 and M5A and found these resources rather useful. Hard to find good materials.
Got M5A meh? how come I didnt know of that. Trying to promote the website ah. Just study on your own, memorize and you can pass it. That is what I did. Studied for all the papers just through pure studying and memorizing.

The papers are only useful if you are doing sales (insurance), for M5, M9, M9A, HI.

For others then it will be futures trading, unit trusts, etc. Go for it only if you need it.
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