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Default Fresh ACCA graduate with no ZERO experience

Hi everyone, I'm new here and am sorry to bombard you with questions with my very first post.

As above, I'm 24 years old this year. I screwed up my studies in the past(blame on my immaturity and ignorance on the importance of education) but after some serious self-reflection, i entered the course full-time in Kaplan via Mature Student Entry Route. I managed to get full "A's for all 14 exams.
  • What should i do next?
  • Should I spam my resumes to respective employers and consent to the one with the best career prospects? Should I try BIG 4 even though the chances are almost zero? I don't mind starting from scratch and I know I have to.
  • Is there, in any event, to any extent, that my ZERO experience can be compensated by my grades? Although I really doubt so..

Thank you so much for your valuable time!

(P.S. I was awarded BSc (1st Class) in Applied Accounting from OBU but I guess this is immaterial and not really beneficial to me.)

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