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How can a foreign staff be hired on local package and command such a high salary? Do you mean that all those 29 year old in your company are paid similar salaries as you?

I was under impression all these people who come to Singapore are paid hefty money compared to the locals as they are on an expat salary package. If they are on local salary package then they would not command the high salaries.

How many local 29 year olds are paid $175,000 per annum? By the time we finish our degree in a local uni, we are around 24-25. Even with a first class honours, it's close to impossible to reach this salary on local pay in 4 years time.

Maybe, to inflate our salaries and feel happy, we can include Employee contributions but still it might fall short of $175,000 by 29.

There are many jobs which pay fresh grad very well. Even if you exclude all the investment bankers, >6k starting pay is not unheard of.
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