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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hello everyone ! Could some kind souls kindly advice me on the following? Do not wanna alert the HR yet.

If I were to leave my current Ministry in Oct 15, would I in general be entitled to pro-rated 13th month AWS and PB?

There is usually a end-year bonus of about 0.8 months in concern, would I receive it at the new Ministry/Statboard?
I can confirm you would not be able to get your bonus. Forms of bonuses are in place as a form of retention incentives. Terminating your contract, whether by you or your employer, is as good as forgoing those monetary incentives.

It is highly unlikely that you can receive them at your new workplace as those bonuses promised to you are budgeted by your current Ministry/Statboard.

By the way, are on a transfer? Do take note that normally staff on the transfer scheme will be demoted one grade from their current rank with a slightly decreased salary as well.

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