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I know how you feel as I am also recently retired. The euphoria of sleeping and waking up late and not having to rush to work has all but disappeared. Now things are starting to get boring.

Besides missing seeing the monthly salary credited into my bank account, I also missed looking forward to holidays and weekends. Now everyday is the same. Holiday or not is the same. Last week, I had a little fever which didn't go away after self medicating with Panadol and resting. So after consulting the doctor, out of habit, I asked for the receipt only to remember that I cannot claim from my company anymore :-(

I am now fully responsible to plan what I was to do each day, instead of my boss. Admittedly many of my plans, planned the night before, were either changed or totally abandoned. There is no push anymore to get them done. No more worries about getting bad assessment from my "boss". I am now my own assessor.

I don't "watch" TV these days, instead I surfed Tv channels, not focusing on anything in particular, a bit aimless.

I tried to exercise more, but the body is ageing and can only take so much. I called my buddies for tennis, but they are busy working and can only play on weekends.

What to do now?

Do you have to worry about expenses each day?
If you know you are already well prepared financially, taking into consideration about how much you can afford to spend each year, and still able to sustain throughout your life time without bothering your children, then just go for what ever you wanted to do.

I have retired 3 years ago at age 57. My passive income is 120% of my last active income. I spend only 80% every year, that actually already more than 100% of my last active income.

I am now enjoying travelling all over the places with my wife, from Iceland to Antarctica, from Grand Pyramid to Grand Canyon, from Winter Palace of Catherine the Great to Forbidden City, from Swiss Alps to Jiuzhaigou, from mountains to islands. Plan for more China travel while still having able body.

While at home, just look for some kaki to enjoy high end puerh tea, enjoy some classical chinese music, take small allocation to get thrill in stock market.

We have striven throughout our working life. It is now time to leave to the younger generation to prove they are more capable than their elders.

We should not worry about the young fella. They are more intelligent and more sophisticated than we do. Just relax and be happy always.

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