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Very well written that reflects how I feel now.

I am 45 this year and feeling the mid life crisis.

Fortunately I dont have debt and have a happy family with 2 healthy teenage boys

Hope to semi retire by 50. And look forward to smell the roses.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Active retirement lifestyle

1. Exercise regularly in the condo gym.
2. Swim regularly in the condo pool.
3. Play tennis regularly in the condo tennis court.
4. Cycle regularly in nature parks.
5. Go trekking and camping occasionally.
6. Read regularly especially on areas you never had a chance to explore eg astronomy, science, religion, the universe, etc.
7. Managing your investment portfolio actively by reading reports and news websites, attend shareholder meetings, attend seminars, etc.
8. Travel to a country once a year for a month. Don't spend a long time travellling around the world at one go. You get bored and tired. Choose one country a year over your 30 years of retirement or until you die, whichever is earlier.
9. Do volunteer work in charities. You can do the menial work or take the role of organizers.
10. Learn new skills such as cooking, new sports, etc.
11. Set up a small business and be a boss. This will be exciting and will test your true ability instead of just being a salaried worker. Start small, if you fail the loss will not be big.
12. Start a movement to save the world, eg start a group that feed the poor in some parts of Africa, Asia, etc.

So, retirement need not be boring. It is up to you to plan your activities. Most importantly, you are your own boss.

You don't have to:
(1) wake up early in the morning and get stuck in the morning traffic jam,
(2) go home late at night when everyone in your family has slept,
(3) report everyday to a boss who you don't like and yet you try so hard to please,
(4) be scolded by your boss every other day,
(5) get involved in dirty office politics, (6) be humiliated by lousy year end review even though you have done well whereas the boss pets get good reviews even though they produce lousy work, etc.
(7) get your weekends burnt to finish up urgent work, etc.
(8) get high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high stress, depression, etc.

Be your own man.
Be free.
Be financially independent.
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