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Great comments. How true. That's why I'm working hard to build up my retirement fund. Aiming to retire by 50, that's another four years to go.

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Well, it depends on your own personal circumstances. If you are in the right job you love, then you're the lucky few who will jump out of bed every morning to rush to work.

However, if you are old and tired of the early morning grind, you need to report to a young, inexpereinced, smart alec boss who you don't respect and you still force yourself to work to pay the bills, then condolences to you.

The best is to be prepared financially. Be financially independent so you can quit your job any time. You can take your time to find another job you like or you can enjoy retirement with so many things you can do eg. learning to cook new dishes, trekking, camping, mountain climbing, learning astronomy, scuba diving, horse riding, exploring the world, etc.
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