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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
34 years old. 7.7K base salary.
13th month bonus + performance bonus (varies from 3 -5 mth). So bonus ranges 4 to 6 mths per year.
Annual cash 123K to 138K per year.
Rank and file. But work long hours, OT everyday and work on weekends too.
Not worth it. You don't have time to enjoy the money you make.

Long hours and OT, let's take that as about 12 hours a day.
Work on weekends, that means 7 x 12 = 84 hours a week.
In one year you work 84 x 52 = 4368 hours. Give a discount of 368 hours for public holidays, still left 4000 hours.

Your per hour rate is 123k / 4000 = $30/hour. Just an average pay rate for someone who earns 5k+ but works normal hours, Mon to Fri.

May be worth it now as you are young but once older and with children you will hope to have more time to spend with them as they grow up. No child wants a parent they don't see, money can't replace.
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