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Well, true to a certain extent.

In my view, it more a problem with human nature natural bias than anything else.

In the past, the best paying jobs came from the rich countries in US and Europe. As such, universities overseas were also ranked highly... and definitely ranked better than the local university here.

But now the world is a bit topsy with rich countries not being so rich anymore. With time and in the future, who knows if these countries education centers will still continue to be esteemed to be best education there is if these rich countries continue to remain in such a poor state ?

A case in point, watch the china universities in the future ! I have no doubt while they are hardly ranked among the top now, they will be in the future.
And if this remains, there may be a "rush" to go to a china university by the best and brightest because that is where all the best paying jobs are.

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local degree is only good in Sg and not really overseas. Whereas top collegues' degrees are recognised world wide.

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