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Hi all, I was working for a bank as a credit officer processing SME loans. I am thinking of joining Maybank as a business development manager (basically corporate sales to SME). I heard from some people I know that the basic is quite decent ($3k) and commission is on top of that.

Mainly have a few questions about this position from those who work as BDM's or used to work as BDM's in Maybnk:

1. How much is the commission like? e.g. for BTLs. How many % of the BTL loan?

2. Are the working hours long and often work on weekends?

3. is the sales target achievable and what are the repercussions of not hitting the targets? (e.g. dont hit for 3 months = sack)
I don't know much about this role but I am working in credit in Maybank. What I know is from the sales persons that I work with when they submit loan applications to me. I know that they do cold calls to prospect for clients so it is definitely not a breeze or walk in the park.

Work-life balance. I believe they seldom work weekends. Alot of time is also spent doing admin to submit to the credit side where I work for us to approve/reject the application. I believe most of their "OT" is to complete this as we sometimes get new cases coming in first thing on Monday morning. This is not often though so I guess they don't really work that much on weekends.

However, I do know of one lady who started working as a business development manager here and either did not do well / did not like the job. She transferred to the HR department after a year or so. This shows that not everyone is cut out / likes sales roles, though it may be more lucrative than backend / middle office positions.

I am too thinking of transferring to SME sales but I have yet to find out more details from HR.
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