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I was formerly an accountant from NTU. I took the CFA when I was with a Big4. When I passed it, I applied for many investment related front office positions as I could. I am not sure if it was because of only the CFA that I got several offers but I think it certainly helps.

I think if you want to get into a front office position, between the CFA and MBA from a local university, I would go for the CFA anytime.

Passing the CFA is an internationally recognised program to train financial analysts, MBA is more generic. Unless you are going an MBA with a top-tier university like Insead, forget it.

My advice for people who want to switch, get a CFA and then join a local investment firm if cannot get into the foreign one. With 2-3 years experience, you will be easily poached by the BB firms.

If you are an accountant working for a big 4, CFA will be more useful than an MBA. I would also agree with you that a local MBA is also less useful than a CFA in this respect. However, If you are an engineer or in a non-finance related field, CFA does nothing for you. You are better off with a MBA from a top tier program to get in.
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