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Not really. What you are saying is very surface level observation. A lot of mega size old MNCs are famous for being every bureaucratic and writing paper, attending multiple meeting sort of culture. There is nothing wrong in being bureaucratic as it is needed in complex organizations for governance and consistency.

The main thing is about difference in priorities: objective vs follow protocol mentality. GE for e.g. is famous for being bureaucratic, but that doesn't mean their culture is anywhere close to public sector. In fact they are very performance driven and manage poor performers out actively.
I agree with you that some degree of bureaucracy is essential and quite prevalent in larger companies. I presently work in an MNC and yes, I am still required to attend meetings and write reports from time to time. The difference is now, such things take up only about 20% of my time whereas in the civil service this could go beyond 50% on a regular basis.
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