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The truth hurts doesn't it?

Imagine if your children's parents-in-laws were like you and demanding allowance then it will be a double burden for them.

Renting out your rooms? What if they ended staying in your 4 room flat because after giving you and their in laws allowances they find it hard to fund having their own place?

Nobody knows when they will die, but studies have shown that retiring early without meaningful mental engagement will dull the mind and lead to early death.

Instead of being angry you should take another look at the views of others and see how to ensure a more financially secure retirement. Remember, we are our most important asset for generating income, not our home, not your children and not even your investment. Once you retire, you are not making use of this one important asset - yourself.

Very few people if any, are able to generate passive income that exceeds their work income. At most, they can only hope to have their passive income cover their expenses. This was what we aim to achieve.

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What nonsense are you talking about?

Children don't contribute at all? Nonsense. I've contributed thousands of dollars to my parents for so many years even though they were working and earning and I expect my children to do likewise. If your own children don't do that, don't impose your ideas on others. That's arrogant.

At 65 and you still ask people to work? Work until when? 80? Then die at 81?

We all know that you are rich and have a net worth of $5m and you still want to work. This is up to you but don't impose your ideas on others.

Everyone has the right to decide on when they want to retire. Those who value their free time more to pursue other interests, let them do so. As long as they have the means to support their retirement, let them be. They may prefer a simple retirement lifestyle and this is their choice. If your idea of retirement is to spend and spend, then go and work until you are very old and leave your millions behind for your children to fight over when you die. Good luck!
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