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Hi, I appreciate all the advice given so far. First would like to state that I definitely don't see myself being in engineering. Will spend the next few days speaking with friends in sectors that I have interest in.

Went down to UniSIM and SIM GE to speak with some friends and the staff today, was abit relived to find out that the average age group hovers between 25-28 for part time courses so that was a bit reassuring for me.

As an executive or entry level Diploma, A levels or even O levels will suffice but they'll come a time eventually when a degree matters. Especially as a Marketing manager/PR manager etc.
But a pt SIM degree isn't a real degree in the eyes of most employers. And I dont think getting a pt cert is really helpful to be a PR manager. Where did u get the idea u need a pt cert to be a PR manager? I would think establishing your credentials in the profession and knowing the right people in the correct area is more important.

I advise u go ask real professionals in the industry you want to work for proper opinion. You go ask SIM or friends who already studying the cert of course they will say its useful and expected. Although your parents already save up for you to study for the cert, you are already quite old and I would be more careful to spending my parents money like that when others at the same age are already contributing to household.

I'm not saying there is no value to study for pt degree, but you seem to have already made up your mind to study further and just looking at very surface stuff like average age in SIM, normal to study while working etc. Every career path and personal circumstance is different, cannot just blindly follow what others are doing. What works for them might not work for you.

Ask yourself if it's your own savings for a few years that you need to sacrifice or you are the one who needs to take up a study loan, will you be so hasty to sign up for general biz courses without even having any work exp or finding out what the industry is like yet?
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