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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If you are interested to work in CAAS or CAG then I suggest you just apply and see if they are interested in giving you a job first before taking up any study commitments.

Honestly I think your chances are very slim as they most likely are not interested in a 25 year old diploma fresh grad to do entry level non-exec generic jobs. And I strongly doubt buying a part time degree will help you in these 2 places either.

Bottom line is try to find a job, get to know the industry & real situation before doing something rash like studying again. Your main challenge is too old for fresh diploma, so you need to actually try to get yourself into the workforce first and see what are your options. You might find in the end you need to start off from some SME first and career path will be very different also.
Currently, have went through the tests to be an ATCO and seems like they're going to make me an offer. If accepted, I think the diploma will suffice for sure.

There're numerous companies on jobstreets that offer education as their staff benefits and I wonder what that might be? Please enlighten me.

Yes, potentially I don't see myself in the aviation industry because I argee with the points that you brought up so looking to branch out my options. My concern is also with an engineering dip, it's hard for me to join other sectors as most job requistes demand diplomas with similar industrial background.

I think my strengths lie in communication so I'm also looking at PR/Advertising/Marketing. That being said, that would come a time I would move up the ladders and I'm very concerned that the diploma would serve as a limiting mechanism.

Is it very normal for diploma holders to work on a FT basis for a 3-4 years before going for 'upgrade'?

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