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Default 8 Months Bonus for Northwest CDC Staff

Heard it on radio news again today. Mr Teo Ho Pin, who's mayor of Northwest CDC, did not deny the Internet rumours that 2 staff from Northwest CDC received 8 months bonus.

The news also mentioned that the bonus is set in accordance with National Wage Council guidelines.

After googling, I found that this has also been reported in the 938 Live (radio) site, and also in Chinese in the Capital 958 site a week ago.

Now, after our town councils incurred million-dollar losses in Lehman Brothers-linked investments, and with an expected record number of job losses this year, is it even appropriate to reward staff with such eye-popping bonuses with taxpayers' money? [Update 17-Mar: It has been revealed that the 2 staff are "managers in mid to senior positions" in Northwest CDC.]

And isn't this at odds with the pay cuts announced by the government and lately some GLCs and TLCs?

[Update 15-Mar: Mayor Teo Ho Pin in his latest interview clarified that "mayors do not decide on the salaries, the increments, the bonuses of all our staff at the CDC... If you ask me, I do not know the salaries; I do not know the bonuses of all my staff" and went on to say that top performers will get better bonuses and that "in the private sector, it's the same thing."]

How much bonus did you receive this year?

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