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I used to work in one of the oil majors mentioned in the trading function.

Yes, basic is higher and bonuses are good, but times have changed. There were some org restructuring and the result has been a pressure to be more equitable to all employees, not just to trading. Consequently, some have left out of frustration.

It is true that expatriation yields a lot of benefits. At times, it can be close to doubling your pay if you have a property to rent out back home.

As well, the high packages mentioned in the oil cos are possibly true, but only applies to hi-po employees who have reached a v senior lvl. A local senior fella getting sgd$200K+ is already considered good. Hitting 500K will be likely a v senior regional/global role. We are talking about basic only of course. On the average, if you are mediocre, you can still live comfortably, but do not expect such high packages.
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