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I'm surprised that you find this surprising. Many people do downgrade in order to monetise their housing asset. There are people who downgrade from landed property to a hdb flat so that they have cash in hand. About retiring overseas, this is not unheard of. We even have a doctor in this forum who is planning to retire in JB at an early age. You may want to mix with more people to understand what people are doing for their retirement.
Hi, I'm the poster you replied to. Thanks for your response, perhaps I should mix with more people to understand the various retirement strategies around. Maybe I didn't express myself clearly enough, though. I don't find it surprising that people are doing that; I just find it somewhat unrealistic if you will.

I mean, theoretically it makes perfect sense to me - stripping down to basic necessities by downgrading, increasing cash flow to fund retirement. It's a simple concept really. In practical terms, however, I'm of the impression that once one gets used to a certain quality/standard of living, it becomes hard to go back to basics (in my opinion at least). I don't mean to bash or put down any of those who do choose to do that, mind. That's why I directed the question at those who may or have already chosen that retirement strategy.

Just wanted to survey if people who have done so are as happy/content as they thought they might have been when they made the choice.

Once again thanks for your input
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