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I dun think people are being particularly harsh here, just stating the facts. Nobody has called you names or insulted you in anyway, I'm not sure why you are so hostile calling people keyboard warriors, trying to psycho analyze that people who don't agree with you must be frustrated with reality etc. Seems like you are the one who can't accept reality.

You need to take stock where you are. You keep saying fluffy concepts about how you want to be a learned person but your actions so far don't display any enthusiasm at all.

First of all you never even tell anyone what exactly is your background, you muddled through 3-4 years in university (I assume) without any particular achievement or attempt to network or even understand how the banking sector works. Now that you graduate you haven't gotten anything, end up with a couple of IT temp jobs and still asking super basic questions like what jobs are there in the market is related to fx / securities.

And for a guy who professes such passion in banking, you are now telling us you haven't even applied for any BO roles. So let me get this straight, you claim earlier you are not looking for FO jobs, and now you tell us you haven't even applied for any BO jobs. So what exactly have you been doing so far? "Finding out" more? Jeez you are really taking it easy, maybe stat board is more suitable for you.
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