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Originally Posted by bookwormm View Post
Hi there, thanks for your kind input! I really appreciate your effort to break down my issue and kindly explain things in detail perspective unlike others trying to shoot me down.

I understand how my current status looks like and I've just applied to the related posts not too long ago (since they are just posted), and yes I fully understand your advices/ message. I will see what can I do from here. Thank you so much!

To the other posters, yes reality isn't kind and I can see why you people are so frustrated. To clear things up, i didnt apply for any BO positions (yet) since im still exploring. As for the contractual offer, i didnt apply for that as well. I am not publishing any more info since I'm still getting shot down either way.

Being a keyboard warrior is easy, but being a helpful is difficult. Call my attitude shitty, label me as emotional, as I've said, being a keyboard warrior is easy I'm sure you know.

Thank you for all your kind input.
BO has recruiting cycles too... sounds like you missed another boat. Go for boutiques. Accept stipends or even unpaid internships.

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