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Originally Posted by bookwormm View Post
Just graduated this year with an nus econs degree and I am currently applying for jobs. I have been applying mostly to banks for the positions that I am keen in (securities, fx related) but the dilemma here is that I cannot relate how can I perform in other job functions in the bank. Perhaps due to my ignorance, I fail to see the vast opportunities that lies ahead?

There are a few job recruiters that offered me contractual jobs (not an issue), but those are IT/ admin work. Not that I belittle IT jobs, the issue is that I believe my knowledge on VBA/ programming will not satisfy the job itself since the course I had taken was a add on to my diploma back then. Moreover I really wish to utilise something related to my major rather than to revert back to where I came from.

As for now I am really keen to learn more about the securities/ fx side of the business and I don't mind taking on any related internship/ apprenticeship. The bank letter is here and seems like time is not on my side, can fellow forumers drop this greenhorn some career advice.
Yar yar another freshie who is very interested in investment/trading side of the banking industry, we hear that all the time here.

If you need to ask here means your studies and network is not there, why waste time pursuing something you have no chance of getting? Might as well take a look at where you stand and go for normal PME jobs within & outside banking. Pay and career progression is decent enough for you to live on anyway.

The world is much bigger than high finance sector, it is better to be humble and live within your capabilities than waste time taking up lousy banking temp jobs in the hope that you will be the superstar who makes it big.

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