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Originally Posted by M_S View Post
Possible to ask HR on the working culture, high turnover, etc. meh? Thought normally they will never tell you the truth, unless you have friends in the HR dept.

Eh, basic salary generally lower at SMRT than civil service? Not even sure what's considered 'normal' range for this type of IT support in civil service.

Wow, I'm sure this kind of bonus definitely only for the upper management only. That's almost 1 year worth salary O_O
Yes generally SMRT pay is lower than civil service. They considered a 2nd/3rd tier GLC, if you want pay similar to civil service then you must go for big ones like Capitaland, Keppel, SIA, CAG etc.

Also ever since the screw up, they have been very conservative of the bonus, if can get >2.5 months already considered very good.
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