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Hi, my question, how come you are counselling trained and yet you are doing customer service. why dont you try school counsellor at polytechnics or MOE?

Originally Posted by shonen_muji View Post
Just some short details below, hope it is easier to understand this way =)


My age: around 27
Current location: Singapore

Current Job: HR related (customer service).
Current pay: Around S$2850

Job application for: Case management officer (management of psychiatric patients and provide supportive counselling)
Prior related experience: around 3 to 6 months internship at two reputable and established psychiatric hospital and one private psychiatric clinic / Part-time counselling in other non-psychiatric settings

Expected salary: Have intention to indicate $3000 to $3200. (Would $3500 be too high?)

Required academic qualification: at least degree in psychology
Academic qualification I have: Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2nd lower class Honours), Master in Professional Counselling, Diploma in clinical supervision

Member of any professional institution?: Not yet

My first time posting a question, please be helpful if you can. Any useful tips or comments are welcomed...Thank you for reading! =)

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