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Default Working in SMRT

Hi all, hoping any kind souls out there can help me out with my questions.

My brother is applying for an IT system analyst position at SMRT and has been called for an interview. Am trying to help him find out some info because they seem to be looking to fill in quite a number of vacancies for position. Not sure if this is a red flag...

1. How many rounds of interviews are there?
2. Are the interviews very technical?
3. What kind of welfare benefits the company offer? Eg. how many annual leave, medical leave, etc.
4. How many months bonus a year on avg?
5. How is the annual increment? In terms of avg % per year.
6. How is the working culture there? In particular the IT dept. Is it very stressful in general? eg. culture of fear, blaming staff, etc?
7. How is the promotion path? Got career progression, etc?
8. What is the avg asking salary for this position here? They asked for a copy of his payslip so not sure if they can offer good basic.

Thanks very much in advance for anyone currently working/worked at SMRT (in the IT dept.) or know friends/relatives who do and can share.

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