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Two years ago, I was at the brink of disaster regarding my physical and mental health. I was earning $180k pa but the work was hellish. I quit and took a break from work for a few months to regain my sanity. I then opted for a more sane job which gives me an income of $75k pa but I am much happier and my physical and mental health improved significantly. As they say, "health is wealth".

To adjust to my new income, I sold my landed home, cleared the outstanding mortgage, made a profit of $1m and bought a new 3 bedroom condo paying in full. I also cleared all my car and personal loans. Today I am debt free. My wife earns $95k pa and our combined income of $170k is enough for our family of four as our expenses is now only $110k pa. Our expenses are reduced as we no longer have debt. We now save $60k pa. Our total net worth is now $2m. We hope to retire in 10 years time when we reach 55.
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