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had given a shot at the MOE teacher application recently despite after a few years back MOE rejection (no call)....don't dare to harbor big hope..interestingly, this time i have put my love interest, art, as the teaching subjects that i prefer to do so instead of the typical maths and science..maybe i am not that qualified as there are arts graduate who can do the job better. i am unsure will them consider me in the first place..

i have trying to assess my passion in teaching after reading so much, but due to contract issues, i am unable to perform short-term stint as teacher to really assess if teaching is the right stuff though i do enjoy being with children (and the stress that come with them as have kids) and hoping that i can inspire them to learn and help them to learn better. But i know that reality is very different and the need to perform and deliver may give me a hard knock on my head.
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