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I would actually argue that alot of bankers have transferable skills to hedge funds...especially HFs that employ a fundamental bottom up strategy. In fact, investment bankers have MORE transferable skills compared to traders. If you're a trader in say a macro product such as FX or rates, then yes...perhaps a role in a macro fund would be perfect but in almost all other HFs that employ a different strategy, bankers have the better skill set to transfer. A sell-side trader mainly trades flow and manages risk; very little detailed security analysis is that transferable at all to a non-macro oriented HF?
I'm not sure I agree with this. Sell-side traders also do detailed analysis of securities, and are way more versatile than most ibankers than I know.

From the backgrounds of all the hedge fund people that I know, almost all come from trading backgrounds. They tend to follow the traditional Danny Yong pedigree tbh.

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