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Sometimes people do not believe it but IRAS do accept degree holders for frontline roles such as handling phone calls or face to face counters. Whether front/backend, a tax officer do need to know how taxes are computed. Of course, backend officers need to have better knowledge.

E.g1. For income tax: They need to have knowledge of complex computations relating to tax borne by employers, double taxation agreements with other countries and various schemes such as the SRS or Not Ordinarily Resident schemes.

E.g2. For GST: Under the process of GST registration and filing etc. Sounds simple but just look at how thick the GST Act is...

Pay structure wise:

For this year, the salary should be around $3.5k for 2nd upp hon (without NS) regardless of whether you are doing frontline or backend. Might be more because they have just announced a 4% salary adjustment wef July 2015.

So for each class of hon., you can just add or subtract $200.
If you had served NS, add an additional $200.
It shouldnt be too far off. Just don't expect fast progression if you are a non-scholar.

I do know of even 3rd class hons grads joining so those considering need not feel like its only for 1st and 2nd upp class hons. Give it a try if you would like to serve the public.


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