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Originally Posted by Bunpire402 View Post
Is this post still active as need some advice?

I will be working as a temp in IRAS this Dec under helpline after being jobless for some time. Firstly, how's the culture over there? Understand that for my role, casual dressing is fine as long as no slippers and shorts.

Secondly, will they be able to offer me a position from temp to perm if I perform well as I applied for a perm position with them via [email protected] but till now status still reflected as submitted. I sincerely am interested in working in a Civil Service or Stats Board environment.

Lastly, I heard that CS or SB prefer local grads or those top uni grads to fill in their positions?? My MBA and BBA are Aussie uni which I took part-time thru private education. Was told by their HR that for my temp job they categorise me under diploma holder.
you have a MBA and working temp? a role which allows casual dressing as long as not shorts and slippers...oh man help people take queue number?

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