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Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
Sorry dude I am no believer of 24/7 HARD work. It's about working smart not hard.

Taxi drivers earn only average 3 to 4 K if they are lucky and work HARD.

I have a friend who sells insurance in Great Eastern and he makes 20K a month up to >30K and he is only 27 years old.

He don't work hard, he works at his own pace.

Judging from your sentences, either you earn much more than me, i.e. > 25K total income or you are just admiring me and dream about what I am earning..

Cheers dude!
That's why you will always be a loser. You only compare with those who aren't doing better than you. With your attitude, I doubt you can achieve anything. People who work smart will never be the top, only people who are smart and work hard will be. Obviously you aren't smart, and you aren't hard working. A mere 25k and you dare to brag here, what a joker. You are not even half as good as you think you are. You really need to wake up kid!
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