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Stress comes about when a person is not well matched to job, regardless how high or how low his pay is. If a person does not have the skill, personality and the capability to handle a certain job, he will be stressed out.

Contrary to what people think, many top earners are there because they have what it takes to be at the top positions. They have the drive, leadership qualities and the skills to get there and maintain their positions. And these people, after earning their millions, will continue to contribute as advisors or consultants well into their late 60s.

On the other hand, if you do not have the right skillset, drive nor personality, you will be stressed out even at a not-so-high paying job. For eg., the guy earning $150k a year said he is very stressed out by his job, but $150k pa is not that much! There are posters here who can save $350k pa! Top bankers, lawyers, doctors and other specialists earned more than a $1m each year. Are they stressed? Yes, but I think they can handle it.

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This kind of jobs sure die young. Either heart attack or some diseases. Max 60 years old. That's why the super high flying, super stressed bankers who make tons of money retire in their 40s. Super smart and super successful guys.
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