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Default Help with Career Advice

Hi all,

I'm a 23 year old diploma holder in chemical engineering with terrible grades (2.0 gpa). Was rather comfortable with my current job earning 2k at entry level in the civil service but after reading much of this forum; I am seriously questioning myself.

I guess what I'm saying is that I think i need some advice from all the old birds on what I should do in my life now.

So my main dilemma is this: with terrible grades like that do you guys think going into a private uni for a degree is still worth it? I feel like I don't know what degree I want to take yet because I'm not sure what I'm interested in right now and i definitely am not interested in continuing to an engineering degree.

I feel like I want to be able to command at least a 3k salary by the age of 30 and if I stay at my current diploma level, it seems to be out of reach.

1. Should I take a bank loan (RHB) to study overseas? I feel like while local unis are cheaper the only one i can go to are the private ones and isnt the recognition from them the same as overseas universities? Am looking at some unis from UK now, possibly banking/business/finance/marketing degrees; if you guys think the degrees i listed above all no hope, any other suggestions for possible areas of studies that can at least have decent salary?

2. Is the difference of overseas/private uni really that bad compared to NUS/SMU/NTU?

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