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Default Real Estate Fresh Grads


I can help you regarding starting salaries for Real Estate Fresh Grads since i just graduated also
I also guess that since theres only 1 Real Estate Uni Course, the info should be more specific for NUS Real Estate Fresh Grads

Let me give you breakdown by which line of jobs so it'll be easier for you to understand..

Real Estate Consultancies - Knight Frank, CBRE etc.
2.4 - 3k/mth gross
Additional commissions depending on which department your in.

Developers - KeppelLand, CapitaLand etc.
2.8 - 3.2k/mth

yeah thats about all.. the rest went into banks and such but that would be out of the sector already so no pt saying.. these are for the core group who went to work in the real estate sector.


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