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As always, the financial markets are cyclical in nature. There has been a recent pull back in terms of hiring especially in SEA since deal volumes (mainly equity based deals) have plummeted. Goldman cut about 30% of their IBD staff in Singapore (don't let 30% fool you...30% of IBD staff in Singapore equates to only about 15 people) and I think a few other banks did too. Goldman has about 800+ staff in Singapore of which 300+ are in FO roles (and majority of which are in S&T). It's just a function of the cyclical nature of the business. Overall, the markets are still holding up well...i.e. the cuts were made only because of recent business conditions in SEA. Will they pick up again in future? Of course.
Thanks for the reply. To clarify, when you mentioned that "cuts were made only because of recent business conditions in SEA", were you referring primarily to equity-based sales or does it include to other areas as well (e.g. M&A and DCM)? From what I saw around, the market in DCM and M&A for SEA isn't that great either..
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