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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
One good thing about joining MOE is knowing how dirty my ex-teachers were. I spoke to my colleagues about if they know Mr xxx.

They told me this guy like go Thailand and fuc.

And one male HODs, P of mine always like whoring.

MOE is a fuc place, starting with Goh Keng Swee who fuc Phua Swee Liang when he was the boss. His grandson fuc his ACS teacher.

Sit back and watch the fuc show of MOE. It is really dirty.

When I was in uni, I met up with a guy I got to know from an online chatroom. When we met, he turned out to be my ex-sec sch teacher. I recognised him as he hadn't changed much. He was tall and cute, and had been a subject of my fantasies in my younger days. He didn't recognise me though, as I looked v different from my sec sch days. As it turned out, he liked the way I look and ...
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