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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
The young people must know the past. Before, many people despise civil service, who have
shitt reputation of stupid bosses, pushing responsibility, unreasonable people (especially bosses), suc coc culture, strong arm bosses...etc...

All the malady of civil service can be trace to PAP, especially LKY, as civil servant and even the entire Singapore culture are shaped by the toxic character of our leaders.

You are a loser if you join civil service and private sectors are highly paid.

Kuan Yew and gangs hate to be loser. At one stroke, civil service pay was raised to scandalous levels, meanwhile, PAP debase private sector by flooding us with FTs.

Today young people are so maasturbated by PAP that they are pussy and pervert. Civil service is the fall back of young people so long they failed to make it in Shylock industries.

Singapore is going to be shitt hole.
If you are so unhappy in Singapore, well you can always look for a greener pasture outside Singapore. No matter where you go, there will always be something for you to pick on and compare. What's the point in living in all that negativity?
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