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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Public School Teacher in Singapore are the best paid in the world with their qualifications just like our Politicians in country.

They are also the most nut head piece of shitt in this world, having the highest rate of mental illness, checking in and out of IMH, according to an ST report, that mysteriously disappear online.

As an MOE alumni currently top engineer in my domain, I can verify 100% our MOE teachers are crazy.

Good luck to you guys entrusting your kids to them.

Your kids will become sociapathatic snake, manipulative liar or bitch after decades in MOE institution.

I want to stress one more thing. If you want to find liars, look no further than the HODs, VPs and Ps in Singapore school. 99% out of 100% of those I met are someone who bring debasement and wretchedness to a whole new level.

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