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I was 4 years in engineering, 3 years in teacher, 7 years back to engineering. Re-started off as engineer in 2008, basic salary 3100 + allowance, annual income 5.2k.

Now annual income around 9.5k.

This is a pathetic salary compared to the leaches of MOE. The MOE folks get 16 months salary with PB, on top of their God Damn "Connect plan" ($$$$).

4 months out of job staying at home after leaving MOE. People keep asking me why I quit teaching in interviews.

I move up the ranks among engineers by demonstrating my exceptional talent in solving complicated problems.

I have peace of mind because I do not have to work with hell lot of idiots in MOE who is only good in speaking with their asxhole.
Public School Teacher in Singapore are the best paid in the world with their qualifications just like our Politicians in country.
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