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Originally Posted by ingenieur View Post
i'd like to ask if people reading this thread have experienced switching from pte to public sector.

was it easy or a complete culture shock?
Dun bother if you are not a local grad.

I happen to apply for a same job position as my friend. He is a local graduate while I have a pte degree but with more years of managerial experience than him. In the end he got the interview while I wasnt even granted any interview. I know him very well and he shared that he asked an even higher salary then me!

Needless to say I found better job offers at the pte sector eventually.

Did he eventually get the job? nope he didnt clear the interview. My point is, its still the same in many govt organisation, they still place priority over local grads and we can't blame their HR. For a single position, they probably screen hundreds of applicants and of course their bosses for sure will grant interview to local grads because they cannot answer if they recruited the wrong persons with dubious overseas degree. Especially lately with such rise in scrutiny of fake overseas degrees etc etc. I dont think HR will be put their own heads on their chopping board with such risks. Seriously cant blame them.

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