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Originally Posted by Just Want To Know View Post
hmm, thanks for the info.

Just some clarifications, by "no life" do you mean work like cow and don't get to spend money?

Or very boring job? everyday doing the same old thing?

Please help me understand more.

last but not least, how many years have you worked in keppelfels and is it every year 7 to 8 months bonus?
Boring? Same old thing? If you go production you will get plenty of action both in office and onsite to have to have you begging for mercy soon enough due to mental and physical exhaustion. But of course, if you are office-based, it is not applicable. Sunday is expected to be working days for some sections, especially if you have duty.

Last year's group bonus was 9 months, not counting in personal performance bonus yet. The recent years have reach unprecedented highs due to sudden surge in orders but one can never tell as this industry is cyclical.

You basically exchange your life for money when you come to shipyard.
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