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Actually most of the supply comes from replacement supply which means those who scrapped their cars will be back in the market for new cars. This is my take.

If you noticed carefully, the recent biddings for Cat A COE is about 2200. This indicates the demand. So with supply of 1400 +, demand is still a lot higher than supply.

COE prices will continue to rise. Better grab your new car with guaranteed COE as COE will inevitably go higher due to high demand. Demand is driven by higher household income compared to 10 years ago, higher property market price compared to 10 years ago (many profit from BTO flat flipping), higher stock market, social status, families with 2, 3 or 4 cars and many more demand factors driving COE prices higher. Cat A COE at $67k is still cheap since in 2013 it went as high as $90k and I predict it will go to that level again.

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COE tsunami coming..... time to get my $30k COE..... Huat ah!

PAP all the way!!


per bidding exercise frm May to Jul:
up 44.6% or 440 more Cat A, or total 1426!!
up 28.5% or 206 more Cat B, or total 928!!

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