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Originally Posted by Rhin View Post
Hi there, thanks for your advice.
Would you consider local (NUS/NTU/SMU) MBAs as reputable?
Would employers hire pple with MBAs even though they have no previous experience?
1. local MBAs are useful only if you decide to stay in singapore for the rest of your live. you need to think bigger and out of singapore. how many jobs do you think is available in a country of 4-5million people? try china, try hong kong. CEIBS is ranked by FT as one of the top 10 MBA school and it is based in shanghai. I suggest not only switching career but switching location of your next job search.

2. MBAs are meant for people who have worked for a few years. If you can put a good spin on your previous work experience, I am sure there are other lateral paths you can move and definitely put you in a more advantageous position compared to fresh graduate with MBA.

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