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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
A real nut-crack, who goes one round to identify oneself as an IVY League or 1st class candidate.

I resigned and went back to mindef, applied twice and IT IS NOT ABOUT WHO YOU ARE but what you are. Pass degree btw, i got notified both times within 2weeks, i seriously dont think credentials make a difference.

SAF personnels are not eltists, they are down to earth people like u and I, pls ignore this joker and wait patiently, sometimes due to an overwhelming response and conflicting schedule, they cannot get back to u as fast as they shld. My commander is interviewing candidates but because he is very busy, we haven't been able to interview pple. Just to note: whether you are a straight As student or not doesnt matter, ultimately is how u present urself during the interview.

I have seen academic smart pple who have no people skills, saf is a people oriented place fyi. Dont be like a fool, go in act smart and think you are that good. Sometimes we need a bit of old fashion...
Hmm.. How slow can a response be then? Possibly more than 2 weeks in some instances?
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