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Shallow mind.

Richness is not about material things. Wealth and material possession makes you look rich on the outside. True richness is what is in your heart.

Many rich people are not happy because they have lost their soul.

True richness is to be contented with what you have and having free time to decide on what you want to do with your time. Time is a priceless gift, once gone is gone forever. If you are already rich by most standards but still force yourself to be a slave to a boss just so that you can earn more, then you are not truly rich as you trade your precious time for that extra dollar which probably you don't need.

A truly intelligent person will know when to stop being a money slave. A fool is one who work so hard for material wealth beyond his needs not knowing the true meaning of life.

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You can use both objective way or subjective (or relative) way to define if a person is rich or not.

Objective way is to define a quantitative value, say $10m. Anyone or household whose networth is $10m and above would then be considered rich.

Subjective way is by comparison. If your friend lives in a condo and you don't, you will say he is rich. Subjective comparison is the most common way that people "decide" who is rich.

When I bought a car for my wife, my neighbours said I am rich. I, on the other hand, think that my neighbours are rich because they saved more money by not having 2 cars like I did.

I find that there are people who feel the need to flaunt their wealth through material possessions. Maybe they are right. Because what is the use of money? You worked hard to earn money for a better life. And you do that by acquiring the material things like condo, cars, nice watches and go travelling etc. They know that they cannot bring their money with them when they die.

On the other hand there are people who will save every cent they earned. They spent minimally on themselves and saved and invest the rest. Maybe they are right also.

Of the two groups, who is the richer? The latter group would think that the first group is rich because of the material possession, and the first group would think that the latter group is the richer because they don't spend much.

You know what? I think the group that acquire material things to better their lives is the richer. Richer through living a fuller life!

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