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I agree. In fact, I'm not surprised that most of the IR people don't really know their Finance. However, in my company, we are expected to know our financials because we communicate a lot with the equity research analysts. Perhaps, that's why they like to consult us so much because few firms' IR know anything about financials. So the bank analysts can't be bothered with asking them the questions too.

Having said that, I think it's helpful to pick up finance because it's a very important skill and it helps you gel your operation knowledge to the financials. It will close the loop and makes things alot more easier to explain.
I think your exp is not the normal kind, if only more IR people are like you. I dealt with a lot of IR managers as a shareholder and most of them just read off standard answers from the FAQ script, you ask them a bit more they will taichi by saying will get back later. Very obvious they have no financial background at all. During 1 of the AGM I chat with the IR specialist and was quite surprise when she said she just recently transfered from HR event management side.
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