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I was caught in this situation when I was mx11, counldnt crossed 'the bar' cos I was new and only had 1 year of rating. Even though my grade was B, my merit increment was only 4% cos it hit the max of first tier. Then when there was the 5% increment for all mx11, I hit the ceiling for mx11. Before this news came about, I was already told of my consistent good performance and would be recommended for promotion. Got another B and promoted but only $250 promotion increment (3.5%). Sort of feel "unbalance".
Seems like your boss or HR din think that you should be emplaced on MX11a when it was introed last yr, that's why you were stuck at mx11 ceiling last yr. And when you were promoted this yr, it was thus from mx11 to mx11a.

It is possible to be MX11 early last yr, put on MX11a later last yr when introduced, and then MX10 this yr.

Since your boss and HR didn't emplace you on mx11a last yr, it is unlikely that you have a chance at mx10 this yr even if mx11a wasn't introed. I dun think you were unfairly penalised by the system change.
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