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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
32yo. NS. Just got promoted to MX10. Had been getting 400+ annual increment for the past few years as MX11 and MX11a.

Can anyone share what is the typical annual increment that I can expect in future as MX10?
You are clearly lying through your teeth! TROLL!!!!!

Firstly, its virtually impossible for a 32 yo NS to be MX10. If u can fast track so fast, u would be on the AO scheme, not MX. AOs will never ask how much their MI will be in this forum. Do u know how much they earn!!!! Secondly, based on previous threads, the MX11A grade was just introduced in Q3 last year. Ppl who were placed to the grade were informed. No increment. Hence, you couldn't have received a $400+ increment previously for your promotion to MX11A. Liar!!! A lot of trolls here who reply to themselves!!!

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